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Project Description
A complete pack of ASP.Net MVC compatible controls based on jQuery and jqGrid frameworks.

Among the features:
*Ajax paging, Editing, Sub-grid, Batch update
*Standard widgets such as datepicker
And many more - all with full .Net Fluent-like configuration and intelliSense support

A big thanks to Craig Stunts (,
As this project was initiated from sample code he posted on his blog.

Version Released (31-05-2011)

Version just released with many new features and bug-fixes.
The new release include:
  • Razor View-Engine support
  • Custom pager support
  • Full Search & Ordering support (including multiple filters)
  • Cleaner Controller grid configuration
  • Grid toolbar buttons support
And many bug-fixes, clean-ups and more.
A big thanks to for joining the team!

UPDATE 25-03-2011
Version just released with great deal of new features and surprises.
Amongst the new features are:
  • MVC 3.0 Integration
  • Grid Column Fluent Configuration - The long awated hs finally arrived! you can now configure your grid's columns as simply as:
.SetColumns<Store>(cs =>
cs.Add(x => x.Id).SetAsPrimaryKey();
cs.Add(x => x.Name);
cs.Add(x => x.Address);
  • Grid Grouping - With nothing but declaring a Column with: .SetGroup() you can fully leverage the power of jqGrid Groups!
  • New Controls! - The new release now bundles with more than a couple additional jQuery controls and containers, such as:
  • * DatePicker
  • * AutoComplete
  • * Tab Strip
  • * Accordion Control
All with full fluent configuration and ajax support!

UPDATE 21-01-2011
Version just shipped with bugfixes, new features and better file structures!
The new version is completely agnostic to jquery and jqgrid verions thus enabling a better less intrusive project integration.

Next planned release will contain:
  • MVC 3.0 Integration
  • Fluent Grid Data mapping
  • More jquery Controls (i.e datepicker, jquery containers, effects and more)

UPDATE 20-07-2010
Next version will feature:
  • Full script files separation from jquery to support new jquery version releases
  • Improved jqGridModel model to support better server-client data transfer
  • Upgrade to jqgrid 3.7
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Support for 0-Controller configuration scenario (by serializing required view model data to XML)

Support developers are required to haste the release of the next version!

UPDATE 13-04-2010
New features:
  • Custom Column-Rendering mechanism, with 2 default options: Text (normal) & Combo (select)
  • Custom client-side column editing events
And I've added some more test-cases to the test project.
Any feedback\feature requests would be welcomed.

UPDATE 17-03-2010
I'm happy to see people downloading the project, and would be glad to get some feedback from you,
So please let me know if you have any problems or other feature requests!

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