Why choose this jqGrid implementation

Apr 28, 2011 at 4:15 AM

I've noticed as I've been dabbling with learning jqGrid that there are two other projects (Higgs.MVC.JqGrid, and Lib.Web.Mvc) both of which appear to offer the same type of capabilities accept that these ones are available through what seems to be a convenient NuGet package mechanism. Can somebody give me a reason why I should choose this JqGrid helper implementation over those other two?

I've also notices that most of these projects have a very low amount of community activity which makes me hesitant to depend on them. Perhaps the reason for low activity is that most developers are just rolling their own fluent wrappers for JqGrid or just using the javascript version directly? I'm worried that if I begin to use one of these implementations that I may block myself into a corner where I'm not able to get the full benefit of JqGrid or that it will be difficult to maintain and update references to all the dependent libraries for my project. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Apr 28, 2011 at 8:28 AM


The jqGrid is a very powerful jQuery grid plugin, and before starting this project I've used and recommended it to many of my clients successfully.

Having said that, I noticed the learning curve of the jqGrid seemed a bit expensive, especially when you only use a fraction of its capabilities.

Add to that, the will to better reuse the grid handling code, and the need to add an abstraction layer over the actual grid code & versioning, and you'll get the reasons to the creation of this library.

As for the low community activity, if you take in consideration that the MVCContrib project offers a (very) simple grid, and that the company that built jqGrid offers a commercial library, the fact that this project (which wasn’t created by a big company) have over 40 followers and thousands of downloads seems pretty decent in my opinion.

 Regarding the other projects you were talking about, to be honest I did'nt know they existed until know, but from a quick glance at their sites, it seem you should ask them the same question as this project was created over 6 month ago and they just started...

Apr 28, 2011 at 4:27 PM


Thanks for your quick response. So from what it sounds like in your explanation is that there is a official commercial MVC component offered by the same people who make jqGrid and that it may be the more popular product perhaps because it is an officially support component by the jqGrid team. At this point I'm not ready to commit to any particular implementation so I don't think I'm interested in that commercial component but I would like to follow what the bulk of other developers in the community are doing in order to simplify things and ensure community support for issues when they arise. I guess since I'm not terribly intrested in evaluating the different products out there I may be better off using the default jqGrid implementation through JavaScript and eventually when I get familiar with how it works and tired of coding around it in JavaScript then I'll have to evaluate these products and decide if I want to make use of one any of them or write my own fluent .NET wrapper around jqGrid. At that time I guess it would be useful if somebody who has done some research into these other alternatives could offer some feedback here and perhaps the jQuery ASP.Net MVC Controls will turn out to be the best choice out there amongst the free open source offerings.

Thanks again for your time and explanation.